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1) Music
Sounds for all tastes.
folder30/06/2022 3:56:11 PM12
2) Videos
Movies, TV Series, Documentaries and more.
folder15/06/2022 3:36:49 PM1
3) Gaming
Wide Collection of Games for download.
folder16/05/2022 9:07:59 PM0
4) Podcasts
Varied Podcasts downloaded regularly. Occasionally cleaned up.
folder16/05/2022 6:42:09 PM0
5) Software
Wide range of applications.
folder16/05/2022 7:27:54 PM0
6) Documentation
Books, Guides and Documents.
folder16/05/2022 6:34:52 PM0
7) Pictures
folder16/05/2022 6:43:18 PM0
8) Registered Users
All Registered Users can use this folder for file sharing.
folder26/05/2022 6:37:50 PM0
9) Public
Anyone can use this folder for file sharing.
folder26/05/2022 6:26:57 PM1
A) Unity4 Agents
U4 Agents Only.
folder16/05/2022 6:43:51 PM0
B) Torrent Downloads
Administrators Only.
folder27/04/2022 6:22:33 PM0
C) Secure
Administrators Only.
folder24/05/2022 9:39:46 AM0
D) Backup Folder
Administrators Only.
folder24/04/2022 5:53:20 PM0
E) Virtual Machines
Administrators Only.
folder11/05/2022 3:27:18 PM0